the best leaders and organisations know how to get the MOST out of their people. People work best when they play to their strengths.

TotalSDI® is a self-awareness tool like no other and will unleash the potential of your people.


Become the best version of yourself with TotalSDI®: YOUR MOTIVES MATTER

I am ME is a certified facilitator of TotalSDI®. TotalSDI® is one of the most effective self-awareness tools available today and is used by organisations, businesses and leaders to help unleash their people’s best performance.

TotalSDI® is a suite of easy-to-use and easy-to-understand self-assessment tools that allow people to unlock the mysteries of personal motivation so they can become better leaders, build stronger teams, and more effectively deal with the inevitable conflicts that arise at work.

Simple, memorable and effective it is the team and leadership development tool of choice for countless organisations including the BBC, NHS, NASA, RAF, Topshop/Topman, Barclays Bank, M&S, Twitter plus many more.

changing the way YOU WORK WITH OTHERs

You may have the smartest business strategy but you’ll struggle to succeed without an engaged workforce. Self-awareness and the understanding of others is the link between performance and long term engagement.

In today’s workplace people need more than just technical skills to thrive. They need to be able to build strong networks, overcome problems and be influential to get the job done. A high performing business recognises that different people have different motivations and ways of seeing the world. It requires an awareness of the impact we have on people around us, and how sometimes our strengths become our weakness and the cause of conflict.


Using the TotalSDI® assessment suite, I am ME can help your organisation develop a world-class culture where individuals feel understood, able to do their best, can successfully navigate conflict and build relationships focussed on trust, empathy and respect.

In 1971, Elias Porter introduced the SDI and Relationship Awareness Theory to the world. His theory focuses on personal strengths and their underlying motivations as the key to understanding people and improving relationships. The SDI is the practical application of the theory and was the first personality assessment to use colours.

In 1971, Elias Porter introduced the SDI and Relationship Awareness Theory to the world. His theory focuses on personal strengths and their underlying motivations as the key to understanding people and improving relationships. The SDI is the practical application of the theory and was the first personality assessment to use colours.

It’s not about changing who you are. It’s about being yourself but with more skill.
— Personal Strengths Ltd.


TotalSDI® is a suite of psychometric profiling tools and reports that help you discover and influence the motives that drive behaviours. These tools provide valuable insights and a proven learning method that people can actually use to become better leaders, build more effective teams, and reduce the growing costs of conflict. Each assessment takes the form of an online survey completed by each participant and each one takes about 20 minutes to complete and produces a personalised report.

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Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI®) digs into what is really important to an individual and how these motives shape his/her behaviour. It helps people understand themselves by helping them understand the motives that drive their behaviours in two different conditions — when things are going well and when they face conflict. By increasing self-awareness and interpersonal awareness, it improves personal effectiveness and interpersonal effectiveness.

Strengths Portrait (SP) ranks how a person values and uses 28 unique strengths (or behaviours) to produce a picture of how they choose certain behaviours when working with people. The Strengths Portrait links to SDI motives, helping individuals gain an instant understanding around how they make decisions and why they behave the way they do.

Overdone Strengths Portrait (ODS) ranks how frequently a person may overdo the 28 different strengths (our unique perspective on what most would call “weaknesses”). This provides insight into the costs of overdone strengths and reveals sources of preventable conflict. The portrait gives individuals and groups a tool to help recognise and adjust these behaviours in order to collaborate more effectively and avoid the costs of conflict.

Additional reports: Also available are Feedback reports which can be used as 360 feedback from those you work alongside - providing invaluable insight into how others may see you at work; the strengths they see as ‘most like you’ and the strengths they see as ‘least like you’. I am ME also recommends the Expectations report which supports individuals and teams to consider the behaviours people expect from your role, your team or your business. Open and honest conversations can result from completing the tool with regard to the behaviours that may need to be borrowed more frequently to further improve results.


It’s so simple, memorable and fun that it provides a commitment there and then to make a change, to adapt behaviour in order to get better results.


  • They can see the "why" - It provides the most accurate snapshot of who they are – their personal system of motives that drives their behaviours.

  • They can apply what they learn - It’s not just good in theory, it works in practice. TotalSDI® assessments include practical ways to recognise and communicate with different motivational styles.

  • They learn to honour differences - It offers insight into the unique ways they value different strengths and how they interpret the actions of others. No more ‘I cannot believe they said that’ moments.

  • It’s memorable - It creates a common language for understanding and discussing motives and relationships by using easy to remember illustrations, terms, and colours. Team results show up in one easy to understand graphic.

  • They can depersonalise conflict - It’s a non-threatening method for effectively dealing with conflict.

See how Twitter use TotalSDI to depersonalise conflict and get the best out of each other.

What’S ON offer

  • Tailor-made modular team or individual development programmes

  • Access to the suite of TotalSDI® assessment tools

  • Lifestime online access to TotalSDI® Personal Strengths learning library and reports

  • Energising workshops with a certified TotalSDI® facilitator

  • Ongoing support and coaching

  • Tools, materials and exercises to embed learning


  • Understand: I get to know you, your organisation and your needs

  • Assess: identify key priorities and opportunities for development

  • Design and plan: a bespoke program that addresses your needs and includes measures for success

  • On-boarding: getting your people motivated to learn and ready to get to know themselves

  • Delivery: interactive group workshops, communication tools, strategies for building stronger relationships

  • Making it stick: on-going support to embed into company culture


Use TotalSDI® to:

  • Create a common, memorable language for communication

  • Increase productivity with more motivated and engaged employees

  • Improve communication at all levels

  • Develop more authentic, effective leadership styles

  • Reduce workplace conflict

  • Develop more self-directed, emotionally intelligent team members

  • Gain a greater understanding of your stakeholders behaviours


To find out more about TotalSDI assessments or to request a bespoke proposal feel free to contact me at kate@iammecoaching.com or use the contact form link to message me.



Kate is a highly collaborative and dynamic Coach and certified TotalSDI® facilitator, specialising in the delivery of TotalSDI® programmes to drive behavioural change and culture creation.

With a proven track record and two decades of experience of delivering transformational change programmes, Kate is unique in her ability to energise and inspire teams and individuals and brings the TotalSDI® theory and results to life in lively, on-your-feet workshops and team build sessions.

TotalSDI® is used by thousands of organisations across the globe, including the BBC, the NHS, Lloyds Bank, Arcadia, Twitter, Barclays, the Royal Air Force and HMRC to increase motivation and engagement, reduce conflict and improve relationships.

Kate Southerby has delivered over 100 TotalSDI® courses to over 1000 individuals from graduates through to senior directors.

Kate is a natural coach and trainer, she’s curious about people and listens to understand. Kate’s approach and techniques and the tools she uses deliver results and people’s lives are enriched because of their interaction with her
— Julie - Global Learning & Development Manager