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Kate is a natural coach and trainer, she’s curious about people and listens to understand. Kate’s approach and techniques and the tools she uses deliver results and people’s lives are enriched because of their interaction with her
— Julie - Global talent & development manager



"Working with Kate on the SDI suite of tools was really interesting. Her insights were detailed and backed up with examples. I went away from our meeting having a deeper understanding of my strengths and how to use them best in my business and knowledge of how I work under pressure. Kate is easy to speak to and presents the reports in a way that you can understand. I highly recommend everyone to do this as it helps increase your self awareness". 

Kate is natural, authentic, warm and engaging as a coach which enables the coachee to maximise the benefit from the relationship. I’ve seen people grow in confidence, belief and achieve things they didn’t think were possible following coaching with Kate


"I did not know what to expect going into the first session with Kate, but I was immediately at ease in the tranquil surroundings of her home. Not only did I meet new people (nice to know there are others that need a gentle push in the right direction too) but I actually made some positive changes and realised goals which Kate allowed me the time to recognise. Thank you Kate, I certainly feel more me again!"


"In the first month of our weekly coaching sessions, Kate has enabled me to define my vision with clarity and confidence.  Working with her to set achievable goals, I'm thrilled to say I am already well on my way towards making that vision a reality, and feeling the impact of that progress.  Kate has the expertise to find out and work with each person's unique style process, and she knows how to bring out the very best in the people she coaches".

As a result of our sessions, I’m happier at work, have more energy, and most importantly have the tools to manage my home life. I now know how to identify triggers that make me stressed and deal with them before they become an issue. I also have an amazing vision board to keep me on track with my life plan which acts as a reminder of what’s really important to me.
— angela - marketing manager


"Not only was it fun and enlightening to talk with other mums finding their feet after a career break, it was transformational. After our first session 'create a life you love', I was setting and meeting achievable goals in every area of my life, and feeling great as a result. Recommend it to anyone!"


"Having some me-time in a lovely home environment where all focus is on you and which direction fits you best. Kate’s knowledge and passion in her field makes you think about yourself differently.”

Allows you to get curious about yourself. Leaves you with the benefits twice - once in the session, and then equips you to take those ideas further once you’ve worked together. Warm. Accepting. Forwarding. Like being coached by an equal.
— Sally - Chief Operating Officer
More than anything she has given me the confidence to believe in myself and what I do. Since working together, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, pushed myself and I’ve won several new clients and I’m very excited about the future of my business!
— Ally, Interior Designer


Coaching was not on the agenda as it’s an area I’ve historically regarded with some suspicion! In a chance encounter with Kate I instantly connected with her energy and knew that she was someone important to develop a meaningful relationship with so that I could give the best of myself. It can boiled down to this:

If you care about what you do and others rely on you accept that there are established proven models out there – what matters most is getting the right delivery agent. There will be one for you and it could be Kate.
— MIKe - director
can honestly say Kate has helped turn my life around. I was very unhappy at work but couldn’t pin point why & wanted to change career completely. Working with Kate has helped me understand what motivates me & interlinking that with my personality. Both of these change as you get older so it’s been hugely insightful to help me see what makes me tick today. Kate’s helping me get my mojo & confidence back & helping me put in plans for now & the future not just with work but in every aspect of my life! It’s been a truly wonderful experience. Kate is delightful & very talented at what she does. I couldn’t recommend her more, it’s a lot of money but an important investment in oneself & for me, worth every penny.
— Kathryn - director

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