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I am ME - who am I again? (London SE4 - Nov 2nd).

  • Brockley, London, SE4 Crofton Park Road London, England, SE4 United Kingdom (map)
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Please join me and a group of like-minded women for a motivational half day session that focusses on YOU and your personality type. What difference could it make to you and your life (your career, your relationships, your children) if you had a tighter grip on who you are?

Why attend

This session provides you with the tools to become more self aware in order to live a more authentic and aligned-to-you life. Let’s rediscover your super strengths, what you are brilliant at and support you to make the changes you need to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

If you attend, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked, if you don’t walk away with more self awareness and an understanding of how to use your strengths in all areas of your life.

What you will learn

  1. Who you really are, what makes you tick, what kind of career will get you out of bed in the morning.

  2. How to use your natural super powers to get further ahead.

  3. How your personality affects the way you see the world and how others may perceive you.

  4. What causes stress and conflict in your life and what you can do to reduce this.

  5. What are the conditions you need to be able to flourish and be the best version of yourself.

  6. How your personality type influences how you parent, how you are in a loving relationship, how you are at work and as a friend.

  7. How to start working on some areas of your personality that may be holding you back from the goals you want to achieve.

  8. How to achieve your life goals in a way that feels right to you.

This event is about self-discovery, rediscovering who you are, understanding others better and learning strategies that will get you what you want.

About Kate Southerby

I Am ME founder Kate Southerby has helped 1000’s of people during her 20 year coaching and development career. She uses the most progressive self-awareness tools and the most effective getting stuff done techniques to change the way people think about themselves and what they do.

Your commitment

To get you in the right mindset and to ensure we can cover off all the key life changing exercises, there will be a little bit of pre-work prior to the event. Further details of pre-work and full address will be provided on receipt of payment. I like to keep the sessions small and intimate, a group of 6 people maximum so you feel you can open up and get to really explore the subject matter.

If you wish to have a private event with a group of friends, please contact me on to arrange. 4-6 people max to be hosted at mine or with a central host.


You’ll get access to loads of tools to keep. You’ll also get access to the I am ME Facebook group where you share your story and get ideas and advice to inspire you. Included in the ticket price are amazing refreshments and snacks from Brockley-based caterer RockMyBowl.

Anyone who attends the event will also get a free 30 minute 1:1 private coaching call with Kate (normally £59).

“I really enjoyed the ‘I am ME - who am I again’ session and have walked away with so many nuggets on who I am. I found the ‘what I’m like as a parent’ element so helpful too as I’d never really thought about this. I actually did the personality test on my husband when I got back and 3 family members. Enlightening! Now I know why they may annoy me and vice versa! Although I have completed MBTI before at work, it was good to do it out of a work setting and in the context of really looking at me, I got loads of extra tools to help me too'“. Jo