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Create a Life You Love. (London - 11th July 2019).

  • Brockley, London SE4 Crofton Park Road London, England, SE4 United Kingdom (map)
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Kick-start your journey to a more rewarding life.

Why attend

You’re a strong-minded person. You know life is not a problem to be fixed. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, and the real fun comes from when you live it your way. But you’ve become stuck and want to take back control of your life. You want to get rid of that voice in your head that’s been holding you back. You want to rediscover that feeling of being in the driving seat, of making life happen for you - not life happening to you.

Create A Life You Love allows you to join a small group of like-minded women and rediscover your purpose and passion for life.

It’s a challenging session. It needs to be. We pack a lot in and you’ll take a lot out. You’ll get the most out of it if you’re ready to dig deep and listen hard to yourself. It’s a supportive, relaxing, non-judgemental and most importantly, fun place to be.

This will be a pivotal moment in your life. You’ll have taken a huge step towards greater fulfilment.

If you attend, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked, if you don’t walk away with the confidence and mindset for change.

What you will learn

  1. How to stop feeling bad for what you don’t have and feel good about what you do have.

  2. How to overcome bad habits and negative mindsets that are holding you back.

  3. How transforming your life takes just a few small steps.

  4. How to become more motivated to get things done and how once you start going it’s hard to stop.

  5. How to get unstuck and find an authentic path to a life that makes you leap out of bed in the morning.

  6. Why you feel your life is out of balance and what you can do to rebalance it.

  7. How to start and end the day as you meant to - a focused mindset.

  8. Why self care is a non-negotiable. Looking at ways you can claw back time for you.

  9. Why you should always start with the end in mind.

  10. How to create a vision for your life so you know where you are heading.

  11. How to use your sub-conscious mind and imagination to make change happen.

This event is about designing, hacking, building and maintaining the life you most want.

About Kate Southerby

I am ME founder Kate Southerby has helped 1000’s of people during her 20 year coaching and development career. She uses the most progressive self-awareness tools and the most effective getting stuff done techniques to change the way people think about themselves and what they can do.

Your commitment

To get you in the right mindset and to ensure we can cover off all the key life changing exercises, there will be a little bit of pre-work and TEDTalk watching prior to the event. Further details of pre-work and full address will be provided on receipt of payment. I like to keep the sessions small and intimate, a group of 20 people maximum so you feel you can open up and get to really explore the subject matter.

If you wish to have a private event with a group of friends, please contact me on to arrange. 4-6 people max to be hosted at mine or with a central host.


It’s fun. You’ll get access to loads of tools to keep. You’ll also get access to the I am ME Facebook group where you share your story and get ideas and advice to inspire you. Included in the ticket price are amazing refreshments and snacks from Brockley-based caterer RockMyBowl.

Anyone who attends the event will also get a free 30 minute 1:1 private coaching call with Kate (normally £59).

What they say

I really can’t thank Kate and the team of women from the Create A Life You Love event enough. As a result of the sessions, I’m happier at work, have more energy (I now exercise everyday!) and most importantly have the tools to manage my home life. I used to get caught up in minor detail and would get frustrated by things that don’t really matter. I now know how to identify the triggers that make me stressed and deal with them before they become an issue, which means I’m a lot more fun and less militant.

I also have an amazing vision board to keep me on track with my life plan and also acts as a reminder of what’s really important to me.

Thanks so much Kate!
— Angela
Not only was it fun and enlightening to talk with other mums finding their feet, it was transformational. After our first session ‘create a life you love’, I was setting and meeting achievable goals in every area of my life, and feeling great as a result. Recommend it to anyone!
— Sophie