Mike Jacob, Kiss House:


Kiss House is a multi-award winning design and build company that can construct a home to Passive House standards in as little as three days. Kiss stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid”, but uses cutting edge design and construction techniques so that they can offer beautifully modern, affordable and fully customisable 2, 3 and 4-bed homes to buyers.

The brainchild of building design specialist Mike Jacob and award-winning architect Adrian James, the just-launched Kiss House meets Passivhaus standards thanks to its extreme energy efficiency, and are super cool.

Since its inception in 2017, Kiss has gone on to win design awards from Houzz, RIBA and the Sunday Times Magazine. Construction is made easy with off-site pre-fabrication, but as with all building projects, success comes from being able to manage, coordinate and adjust to complex tasks and also build strong relationships with clients and suppliers alike.

Co-founder Mike Jacob worked with I am ME to become more self-aware, uncover his natural strengths and motivations, and how to build more successful relationships with the people most important to his brand.

If Hollywood were to make a film of your life what would it be called?

The Boy Who Wanted to Live Forever and the Man in the Blue Trousers.

What's your favourite quote?

“What hermits realise, is that if you go off into a far far forest, and get very quiet, you come to realise that you’re connected to everything.”

What are you most proud of in your career?

Believing there was value in being a directionless generalist – it made me be stubborn, appear (at times) reckless but has resulted in feeling proud to be doing something that feels important.

When did you decide on hiring a coach and why?

Coaching was not on the agenda as it’s an area I’ve historically regarded with some suspicion!  In a chance encounter with Kate I instantly connected with her energy and knew that she was someone important to develop a meaningful relationship with so that I could give the best of myself.

What was the situation before you began working with I am ME?

Blissfully unaware of the possibility that things I see as personal strengths could annoy others, and vice-versa.  Kate’s favoured model and approach take all the emotion away and create a logical framework that ultimately is all about achieving equilibrium.

And what was the difference after?

Actually there was an immediate impact as insights gained from the first informal conversation had a transformative effect on a meeting I had been dreading the following day.

How would you describe the coaching style of Kate?

Relaxed and informal but nicely structured. Kate demonstrated a really good listening ability by giving unexpected gifts of generous thoughtful insight.  She is highly perceptive and observant and uses this to great effect.

How would you rate the overall experience of working with I am ME?

10 out of 10.

What would you say to those hesitating to hire a coach?

It can boiled down to this: If you care about what you do and others rely on you accept that there are established proven models out there – what matters most is getting the right delivery agent. There will be one for you and it could be Kate.