I Am a mum of 2 living in south london.  

I AM someone who has devoted their career to helping people discover their potential.


hi, i am kate

I’m all about helping people work out what they want based on who they are.

I do tend to bang on about self awareness but I truly believe that until you really know who you are, you’re a little bit lost. During the process of feeling lost, you can lose your confidence and focus on all the stuff you can’t do rather than all the brilliant stuff you can.

Positive psychology is very much of-the-moment and I am a big fan of what it stands for and how healthy and refreshing it is to use as part of the coaching experience.

I’ve been coaching and developing people for nearly two decades and I’ve come to realise the secret ingredient is helping people realise they can just be themselves. Not who they could be or think they should be.

I’ve challenged so many leaders who only got on with their ‘mini me’s’, I’ve questioned individuals that were constantly wearing masks, I’ve supported people to pivot their career to find a better fit, I’ve helped working parents who felt they wanted a different focus, as well as ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners who want to have an impact and change the world.

I set up I am ME because out of all the development programmes, workshops and coaching I’ve delivered, inside all of my favourite self-help books or TEDtalks, plus all the chats I’ve ever had with fellow coaches and mentors, it’s the self awareness / inner identity piece that always seems the most helpful.

Following the birth of my second child, it became clear to me that I didn’t want to go back to my perfect-on-paper job. I wanted to set up a coaching business focussed more to my strengths and what I was passionate about. To share the self-awareness light-bulb moments with more people.

The tools I use are game-changers. They’re not mine, I didn’t come up with them, I’m not a psychologist or famous theorist but I am qualified and experienced in the positive psychology psychometric tools which I use with all of my clients.

I focus on ambitious go-getters in my private coaching offer because I feel the nature of the transformative process serves people who ready to breakthrough and achieve the next level. To reach self actualisation. To do the work that’s required to create the life they want and desire.

Here’s a bit more about me:

  • I live in South East London. I’m a city girl at heart but I do crave seasides and country walks once in a while.

  • I like the idea of living a healthy and cleaner life. I’ve got all the oils, potions, lotions and recipes I’d ever need, but never quite reach ‘my body is a temple’ habit. I’m a work in progress.

  • I have a lot of wanderlust in me and have travelled extensively around the world - I’d like to do more.

  • I love a good boogie and very much enjoy a secret party-for-one in the kitchen.

  • I love building relationships and am an associate coach supporting various companies and coaching businesses to broaden my view.

‘I am a PERSON that was once stuck, I’ve been in a team that needed to work better together and I’ve been a leader, so I understand the importance of having your team behind you’.


If you’d like to find out more about my style and approach to coaching and supporting teams, here’s a bit more info here.

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I’ve seen people grow in confidence, believe and achieve things they didn’t think were possible following coaching with Kate
— emma - hr director

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